Vendor FAQ

Application Process FAQs

Vendor FAQ

We are thrilled to have you participate in AC*E’s Pop-Up Event! If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to email

Event Details

Date: May 20-21, 2023
Hours: Market opens at 11am, Market closes at 5pm each day
Location: Industry City, located at 268 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Application Process FAQs

What is the application process like?

Full applications with details, product pictures and links will assist us in our selection process. Space is limited and vendors are not always guaranteed the space of their choice. Booth payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable once payment is received.

How are vendors chosen?

ACE manually reviews all applications and selects a diverse portfolio of vendors with products to curate a unique experience. Please add product images, Instagram handles and websites to make sure we can see what you do and what makes your brand special!

What kind of vendors can apply?

You must be an independent business/creative. We consider artists, boutiques, jewelry designers, fashion brands, calligraphers, stationery, beauty businesses, candle makers, handbags, furniture, home goods, food and beverage and anything else that showcases your craft!

What happens after I get accepted?

You will receive an email with specific details on next steps.  It is important to follow all the steps in your welcome email.As a vendor, we highly encourage you to post about ACE Pop Up Event leading up to the Event (Media Kit provided by ACE). Vendors must plan to be at their booth for the entire event and are expected to clean up after themselves. Please read, Vendor Agreement.

How will I know where my space is located?

Two weeks from the event, you will receive a layout of the space with your booth number. Day of, when you arrive, all booth spaces will have your name and assigned booth number – if you need help, just find an ACE member to help.

Are you accepting food and beverage vendors?

We welcome all innovative food + drink vendors selling prepackaged craft foods. 

How will ACE promote the pop-up?

We will be using Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Eventbrite, ACE website and additional PR to feature vendors. We will use photos from those you submit, your social media feed(s), and/or websites. Each vendor will receive a media kit with digital resources for use and sharing on your social media outlets. Search the hashtag #acepopup and you can see images and promotions!

Any other questions? Email us at!

Fees & Payment

Are fees refundable?

As stated in the Vendor Agreement, all fees are final and there will be no issuance of refunds, nor transfer of agreement.

How do I pay for the vendor fee when I receive the invoice from ACE?

Instructions for payment will be shared in your welcome email.

What does the vendor fee cover?

The vendor fee covers: table and chair rental, experiential space decor, paid marketing, booth space, electricity, WIFI, and security.

Fees Set-up & Breakdown Process FAQs& Payment

When can Vendors set up and how long after the event do I have to take down?

Load-in can start at 8am for all vendors each day — this start time is subject to change; look for an email closer to the date of with the official load-in star time. Your space must be ready by 10:30am each morning, doors open at 11am. This is an indoor space, you must break down each night & set up each morning.  There will be storage on site that will be locked. Teardown must be completed by 5pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.

Do I need to bring my own items to set up?

Vendors are responsible for all items to set up such as decorations for your specific business, racks, displays, etc. to make your booth as attractive as possible. Let your creativity shine! Also remember to bring shopping bags,  water, snacks, chargers, and email signup sheets. We will provide tables and chairs according to the selection you signed up for in the Vendor Agreement.

How many people can I have at my booth at one time?

Full table vendors: A max of 2 people may be present managing a single booth at one time. Shared table vendors: max of 1 person per vendor.  Basic rule: A maximum of 2 people should be present at any given table.  You may change out staff as needed throughout the event.

Is the event cash only?

No, vendors are encouraged to provide electronic payments and/or accept cash.

Can I eat and drink at my booth?

Currently, eating and drinking is allowed.  New York City regulations will supersede any Covid guidelines listed in this FAQ and Agreement.

Can I  leave my merchandise and equipment overnight?

The venue will have storage for vendors. You can choose to leave your merchandise and equipment overnight if you’d like. However, please note that ACE nor the location will be liable for lost or stolen items.

Is this a public event? Can I invite others to attend as a customer?

Yes, invite everyone you know to attend!  Just make sure you let them know to follow all Covid guidelines stated below.

Artist specific FAQ

What fees are associated with being an artist at the event?

There is not a fee for artists who are displaying art only.

If I am an artist and want to sell my art, do I need to buy a booth?

There is not a fee for artists who are displayingYes, you will need to confirm which booth size you’ll need and pay the applicable booth fee. art only.

What if I only want to feature my art but not sell my art?

There is no cost to only display art at the event.

Will ACE take a % of my art sales?

No, you keep 100% of sales from your art if sold as a vendor.

Food Vendor FAQ

Can I prepare food (i.e. cook food using a stove) at the event?

No, all food sold at the event must be cooked and prepared prior to the event.  You may bring a small hot box or small mini-fridge to store food/beverages, but it must fit within your designated space. No cooktops allowed, however, you can use sterno warmers to keep food warm.

Do I need to provide plates, napkins, plasticware, cups, etc?

Yes, you are responsible for the full execution of your booth.  You are also responsible for bringing a trash bin & bags to collect trash as a result of your booth throughout the event.

Covid Guidelines

ACE will be adhering to New York Small and Medium Scale Performing Arts & Entertainment Covid Guidelines.  We expect all vendors and their guests to follow these guidelines.  Failure to follow will result in forfeiture of your spot.  No refunds will be provided.

Mask Requirements

If the State of New York has a mask mandate during the event, we will adhere to it. For more information visit: