Kelly Bit

Kelly Bit is the founder of SUBLIMA Jewelry, a brand of artful, sculptural and sustainable jewelry handmade in New York. Kelly hand makes the jewelry by carving wax prototypes, which are molded and casted into recycled brass and sterling silver. The jewelry draws inspiration from well-loved objects to visceral memories, and many of the pieces celebrate Asian culture, especially culinary delicacies, elevating the beauty of Asian food through the unexpected art medium of jewelry in abstract ways. Also at the heart of SUBLIMA is giving back; since 2020, SUBLIMA has donated more than $80,000 to nonprofits supporting NYC's Chinatowns, after-school programming, affordable housing and food security. Kelly is also a content marketer at Morgan Stanley and started her career in financial news as a reporter at Bloomberg News and Bloomberg TV. Before that, she graduated from Yale, where she majored in English.