Thanushka Yakupitiyage (Thanu)

Thanushka Yakupitiyage is a deejay and long-time immigrant rights and climate justice activist, media professional, cultural organizer, and multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. She's worked for movement organizations such as the New York Immigration Coalition and as a media strategist, communications director, and organizer. In those roles she works on critical immigrant rights campaigns, including being a lead organizer for efforts to push back on the Muslim Ban and increased enforcement and raids against immigrant communities. At a climate campaigner, she worked on the largest global climate marches and supported campaigns on fossil fuel divestment, climate justice narratives, and work on the intersection of climate and migration. As a cultural organizer and deejay under the name "Ushka", she has performed across North America and she uses her artistry to create intentional community spaces for queer and immigrant people of color. Ushka has been a staple in NYC's queer nightlife for a decade, having run the iBomba party for six years and djing parties such as Papi Juice, Gush, Ragga, Bubble-T, No Nazar, Yalla! and more. She's been featured on The Fader, Boiler Room, NTS Radio, The Lot, and more. Ushka currently co-runs a queer femme party called Caótica with DJ Riobamba. You can follow her on instagram at @ty_ushka.