Barbiana Liu

My name is Barbiana! I'm a Leo Sun and Aries Rising, which only means one thing — I'm a passionate workaholic! I was born and raised in Taiwan. After quitting my first corporate job, I decided to pursue my Master's degree overseas, and ended up in NYC. I work as a brand and web designer during the day, and I'm a passionate content creator when I'm not strictly designing. I founded my design studio and started freelancing in 2020 when the pandemic hit. In 2021, I moved to the Big Apple and have loved this city life ever since. My studio, Leche Studio, has been my creative space where I collaborate with aspiring brands and entrepreneurs like myself. As an Asian designer residing in the bustling city of New York, I take the opportunity to share my design journey on social media. This journey isn't just about the designs I create, but also what inspires me to design and how my experience can inspire others.